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Embrace Monday!

"New week, new opportunities!”

Let's kick off Monday with enthusiasm and positivity. Which let’s face it is not always our reality! There is no doubt many feel apprehensive, and anxiety levels are high all around us. Winter is whispering to us …

Hello 👋🏻

I always encourage and believe it is far healthier to acknowledge your true feelings, it is unhelpful to deny them! Once you acknowledge and own what is you can choose to change it!

Things that really help to change this are:

Get Up!

Move your body toward something nourishing, try to prepare a lovely mug of boiled water with a few slices of orange (or lemon) ginger and honey. Sip on this and take in the light around you.

Look to the sky, into the garden, listen for the birds. I always find this soothing. Walk!

Stretch you body, open it up for the day, this opens the fascia that holds all of you together, releases the tension and fuzz that has built up through the night.

Sit down somewhere peaceful and plan your day!

Be mindful to BE REAL, avoid over committing yourself, when you do you let yourself and others down.

Complete what you start.

Follow through.

Be kind (to yourself too)

Consume what serves your overall health and well-being.

Be your own best friend!

Listen to your heart.

Honour your body.

Have an awesome week peeps!

Embrace Monday as a new opportunity to be awesome, kind, generous, and real! 💪 #MondayMotivation #NewWeekNewGoals #PositiveVibes #EmbraceMonday #BeAwesome #KindnessMatters #Generosity #Authenticity"

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