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Magic Monday

For Me Monday is Always "Magic", I feel Excited and Enthusiastic to "GO FOR IT!".

It was not always like that though!!!

This is a choice, I practice daily, I have established this in my life through doing the personal work necessary to shift my limiting beliefs and perspectives acquired through my upbringing, and previous experiences that have the power to mould you.

I have over years (40+ years) invested in my personal growth and healing, unpacking and letting go of beliefs and behaviours that just stopped serving me in my desire to create a happy, meaningful, "REAL" life A Life that I was involved in consciously creating, rather than being on autopilot a mindless treadmill to nowhere!

I truly encourage you to "DO THE WORK" the personal, inner work, to lighten up your life. Take back your personal power, create the life that is worthy of you.

At Juice4Joy, we live by this and thoroughly enjoy and deeply value working with our clients "TO BE THE COMPANION THEY NEED' through the journey.

We find that complimenting this very significant journey with our Juice4Joy Detox and cleansing program, on a monthly rhythm WORKS WONDERS, dislodging layers and layers of STUFF, releasing and reopening you to a level of OPENNESS for the NEWNESS that serves your future you.

Life Coach Lynda, is the companion to all those connected with us. If you would like to know more and take a journey with us, reach out to Life Coach Lynda and lets get you going.

Have an incredible week Peeps!

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תגובה אחת

חבר/ה לא ידוע/ה
14 בינו׳

So excited for my first juice cleanse for the year this week. 👏✨

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