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Make Time Take Time Today

Today is all we have - no guarantees about tomorrow - yes the sun will rise and set however beyond that - NO GUARANTEES!

We can keep our heads down sure. However making time for meaningful moments is invaluable. Stuff that money cannot buy and achievements cannot give!

I am privileged to be a grandmother to many beautiful children. Most of them are over seas - so I know the feeling of missing their milestones.

I have 2 grandchildren here is South Africa and sacrifice “achievement, and work time” to come and sit a while and support them. Wow what a world of pleasure I get from doing this, it’s once a week and the feeling of joy fills my heart and lasts me the whole week!

It makes everything else I do outside of family time even more enjoyable because my heart if full!

I have always believed in “QUALITY OVER QUANTITY” and I make sure I practice it everyday, I encourage you to do the same.

Have a stunning week peeps!

“Quality Over Quantity!”


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