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Detox Don't Diet at Juice4Joy

There is NO doubt REGULAR Detox & Cleansing (Fasting) is a powerful way to manage your healing and build whole body resilient health.

At Juice4Joy we specialise in Professionally Supported Cold Pressed Juice Fasts/Detox/Cleanse

(all a similar process) Our formulations are mindfully composed to serve the GUT health and start the healing from the inside out.

Juice4Joy Detox and Cleansing programs personalised to serve your unique needs.

The image above is our typical sequence for a Ladies Program, with Gents we add a juice, mostly the Cucumber & Mint (but this can be discussed individually) We add 2 booster shots to the daily sequence.

With our regular clients we often compliment the program sequence with our Soup4Soul, our other Nutritious & Delicious Range of Healing Foods. Some people really emotionally need to have something more solid in order to feel safe.

At Juice4Joy our juices are all HIGH VEG and only lightly complimented with fruit (sometimes there is no fruit at all) We use strategic herbs, spices and superfoods, which further empower the formulation to serve organ and gut healing and health. We formulate this way to directly manage the addiction to SWEETNESS that most people are conditioned to - when you cleanse your body, YOUR TASTE PALLET completely transforms! A lot of the drinks and foods we eat are strategically maksed with sweetness or fats to condition your pallet toward wanting more and more that which harms your health!

We talk about DRY January and refrain from alcohol because we know that is necessary to feel better and to change a potentially devastating addiction to the substance. Doing regular detoxes with Juice4Joy professionally supported by Life & Health Coach Lynda also changes this in your life. You become more empowered regarding all levels of CHOICES you make for yourself and your health, and your TRUE WEALTH IS YOUR HEALTH!

DETOX DON'T DIET - let's look at that a bit!!!

FEEL The word DIET?

It screams deprivation, days filled with "No I can't have that!!!" That is not allowed!!! It is not on the list!!!

It feels depressive.


It feels different, interesting, challenging, an opportunity to learn, grow and heal (well that is how it feels for me) Pretty much anyone can CHOOSE to do a 1-5 day detox, using whatever works for them. Life & Health Coach Lynda is a committed to finding what works for you and supports you to succeed!

Detox is a process of eliminating most things from your nutrition for a certain amount of days in order to REST YOUR BODY ON THE INSIDE, WHERE EVERYTHING IS WORKING SUPER HARD TO SERVE YOU AND KEEP YOU ALIVE, so that you gut and organs can focus on doing the work needed to heal.

When we keep consuming all the stuff that we do our body gets overloaded and blocked with toxicity and poisons that come from our lifestyle on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally. One of the most powerful ways to help your body reset, reboot, rejuvenate, is to STOP doing that, be still, drink Juice4Joy, drink good water, only eat raw vegetables and compliment with fruit.

When the digestive system gets to rest from digesting complicated foods, and can instead focus on healing on deep levels within, this is key to whole body vibrant health. The GUT is where your immune system and resilience is built or broken.

One cleanse (or Detox or Fast) will not complete the healing however it will start the healing, and so when you repeat your cleansing in a rhythm (we recommend 3 days per month as a lifestyle choice and commitment) some of our clients do one day a week over a period of one year sometimes.

We are absorbing more toxicity through breathing and our skin than what we are consuming, it all enters the bloodstream and causes havoc within our bodies, and destroys our health, regular detox cleans the body regularly and that is what it needs. Just like you servicing your car regularly - YOUR BODY NEEDS TO DETOX REGULARLY !

There is a lot of talk about DIGITAL DETOX because it is important for your mental health!


We have clients who have shifted addictions

We have clients that have changed their choices to 80-90% plant based eating and shifted their health significantly.

We have had clients heal infertility

We have had clients heal depression

We have had clients shift anxiety levels

We have had clients achieve ideal weight goals

We have had clients support themselves through cancer treatment

I can go on and on!

The point is that we have HELPED PEOPLE WITH THEIR HEALTH

That is why we do this and each client's healing is a celebration for us!

Take action NOW, reach out and connect with Life & Health Coach Lynda, GET ON TOP OF YOUR HEALTH, start the journey of your Vibrant Health.

OWN YOUR HEALTH, Shift unhelpful behaviours, make choices that serve your JOY!

A Juice4Joy Detox & Cleanse is the best Health Juice program around. Doing a cleanse is not to be taken lightly and your should be supported to succeed.

Call 082 498 5478 email:

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