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There is almost nothing like having a professional affective whole body treatment to mobilise and release tension and toxicity.


Our phyiscal mental and emotional wellbeing is so violently compromised daily simply being in the world.


This is one of the most soothing, & supportive spaces you can invest in creating for yourself.


# Be sure you have a professional service 

# Be sure the space is safe and of high integrity

# Respond to a "referral" rather than just going anywhere

# Try to connect with the therapist on a call prior to appointment

# Trust your gut

# Honour your appointment

# Be sure to offer 48 hr notice of appointment change


Lynda is a Life & Health Coach with over 20 years experience. When you invest in space with Lynda's professional services you get a deep level of support, mental, emotional as well as physical.


We all need a place where we can HEAL from the inside out. 

This is your space.


Studio in Linden, Randburg

Treatment appointment starts from time of arrival 


Massage Treatment

PriceFrom R900,00
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