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Expereince deep profound relaxation and gain mental clarity, live with more courage and fullfill your potential, through Access Bars Sessions. We recommend a session a month for 6-12 months. Therafter whenever you feel stuck, blocked, misaligned, disconnected.


During an Access Bars session, touching specific points on the head is believed to facilitate the release of electromagnetic energy patterns stored in the brain. This process helps to dissipate stagnant energy, allowing for greater ease, clarity, and relaxation.

Many people report feeling lighter, calmer, and more focused after a session.


Testimony: Thank You for the most amazing Bars Session on Tuesday, that was one of the most phenomenal sessions I have ever had...the energy was awesome!  ~ Gary 


# Connect with your practitioner via call before appointment

# Be sure to honour your appointments 

# Give 48 hrs notice of change of appointment 

# Be clothed and comfortable 

# Offer yourself a peaceful space post session for integration


Access Bars Session

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