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This package is powerful to support you to maintain your results achieved post your regular monthly detox and cleanse with Juice4Joy.


You are getting a 300ml Celery juice and a 60ml Juice4Joy Immune Booster daily for 7 or 14 days


We package in glass, please DO NOT FREEZE, our shelflife in a stable fridge is comfortably over 14 days so to buy up to 14 days at a time is a good choice.

We use NO preservatives or any nasties at all. 


Celery Juice is incredible as a deep healer of the body


Here at Juice4Joy we do it with a "Touch More Taste", and we encourage our clients to "Start your day nthe Juice4Joy way!".


Here are 3 key benefits to encourge you:


1. **Hydration and Electrolyte Balance:** Celery juice is rich in water and natural electrolytes, supporting optimal hydration. Starting your day with this juice helps replenish fluids and maintain the electrolyte balance crucial for various bodily functions.


2. **Anti-Inflammatory Properties:** Celery contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that may help reduce inflammation in the body. Regular consumption may contribute to overall joint and cellular health, potentially alleviating symptoms of inflammatory conditions.


3. **Digestive Support:** Celery juice is believed by some to have a mild diuretic effect and may promote healthy digestion. It may assist in balancing the gut microbiome, potentially easing digestive issues and promoting a more efficient digestive process.




Juice4Joy Celery Juice 300ml Packages

PriceFrom R60,00
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