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A Juice4Joy Booster Shot a Day - Keeps all the nasties at bay!


They Say “Dynamite Comes in Small Packages”.


These 60ml power shots are a daily "Go To" and should be always.

Level up your immunity NOW, considering the current state of the worlds health situation.

We urge you to not be complacent and invest in your health, It Is Your True Wealth!


Juice4Joy Immune Booster Shot, features freshly pressed “ginger root” as the key ingredient, complemented with immune boosting citrus, and berries, high vit c, turmeric of course, for the anti inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Ginger Root is a powerful anti bacterial, and supports resilience, which we need now more than ever. Not only is this powerful little brew potent, it is delicious too.


This Immune Booster is best bought in 7, 14 or 28 day packages at a time in 60ml shot.

They have an impressive shelf life when kept in a stable cold fridge (up to 6 weeks)


And of course bottled in GLASS.

It is a key product in all our detox and cleanse programs. Check out our cleanse programs here.

This booster can be consumed any time…

Ingredients: Grapefruit (when in season), Lemons, Green apple, LOADS of Ginger, Berry Brew (blueberry, Blackberry, cranberry, raspberry) brewed gently at low heat with cinnamon, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, cumin, black pepper, turmeric and Aloe Vera.



  • Bounce Back to Life anytime
  • Soothe Stomach & aid digestive system
  • Build & sustain a stronger immune system
  • Lift energy quickly
  • Can be consumed anytime

Juice4Joy Immune Booster Shot

PriceFrom R280,00
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