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This soup is PACKED with all the veg you cna think of... YUM! 


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We believe Soup is an All Season Nourishing Lifestyle Support .

So we created a range that can be served cold as well as lightly warmed to taste.


Serve garnished as you desire and compliment with a dolop of Coconut Cream - Yummy!


Our Soup4Soul Range certainly supports a health body functions, as well as weight management and maintainance. We pride ourselves on the "Conscious Carb Care".


We often encourage complimenting your Juice4Joy Detox and Cleanse program with a Jar or 2 of Soup4Soul. Once you naturally defrost this Jar of Delicious & Nutritious Soup, eat within 4 days of opening.


Frozen in a 750ml glass jar, they keep for absolute ages, once defrosted naturally keep in fridge for up to 7 days, once open try to use withing 4 days.


In addition: 

This soup can be used as a base for may dishes, pasta sauces, stews etc.

It is versatile, deslicious and nutirtious.

Soup4Soul Hearty Veg 750ml Jar

PriceFrom R140,00
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