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Easter Easter Egg!

Always a unique time of the year, quite a few public holidays happening and for sure the temptation is to "neglect your rhythm" regarding your health!

A little less movement

A lot more over indulgence in the gatherings.



Discipline (Self)

Forgiveness (oh yes!) we are human after all!

We encourage you to do your best, dig deep, stay in the right direction... sure you may stumble, fumble and bumble at times, it's practicing stability that develops a muscle for commitment to your health, strength and it's that which actually builds you happiness, from a place in you!

It has always interested me how it is easier for us to sabotage our health rather than "serve our health" when we celebrate something special! We make the same quality of choices when we are experiencing negative emotions.

I share this because I am so aware of this, we all walk a similar journey and experiences around choices that serve of sabotage our health and vitality!

I feel you.. I feel me... and I personally am so so grateful that there is such a HUGE improvement in my own choices everyday ... one day at a time.

I am deeply blessed that I "Do what I love and believe in!" So it truly helps me a lot... that is why I make space and time to connect with all my client's, new and not new, that is why we support our client's so sincerely within their struggles to stay on track. Because we SEE you we FEEL you we are HERE for you!

Take care of your health, allow it to be a priority!

Stay blessed


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