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Brand New Year, Brand New Day!

So NEW happens regularly in our lives, there are new moments, new days, new weeks, new months, new years. Is that not simply much newness!!! What do we do with the opportunities within the newness offered so generously?

Opportunity is so important to recognise and embrace within the flow of your life. We miss it due to being on autopilot and unconscious, and in Survival Mode rather than Thrival Mode!

Here at Evolved Mind and Body Worx, we are constantly in Thrive Space, open, willing, enthusiastic, sincere and energetic. These are the qualities and characteristics that support a Thriving Journey and Life Is A Journey, it is NOT a destination!

This year, take sincere care of yourself, be conscious and committed to your Health, which is impacted by the choices you make, and what you choose to consume. You are worthy of better, however only you can authorise "THE BETTER" that you are worthy of.

We have found that the clients that take the regular Juice4Joy journey's of Detox and Cleansing with us, create such incredible change in their lives, in their beingness, and HOW they do LIFE with themselves.

We look forward to being your Health Companion through this year!

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