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Is Your Health & Nutrition Causing You Anxiety?

Does the impact your nutrition is having on your body and body weight, shape, form, causing you to have poor self-image?

Is your approach to food restrictive to the point of causing you anxiety?

Is your approach complex to the point of causing your stress?

Does your nutritional approach lead to large swings in mood or energy?

Does it impact your sleep negatively?

Do you have addictive tendencies or binging episodes?

If you can answer yes to even one of the above questions we encourage you to reach out to us, and be open to Detox Don't Diet!

Here at Juice4Joy we specialise in professionally supported personalised Detox & Cleansing Programs that work. Our formulations are unique and deep internal health focused! We do Cold Pressed Juices that are HIGH VEG, strategic herbs, spices and superfoods, complimented lightly with fruit and they Help Your Health! We have been successfully supporting clients for over 10 years now, make sincere changes to HOW they do their health.

It is a Journey and there are NO quick fixes, however working with us, to a plan, regularly, changes all the above.

It is worth you investing in an online consult with Life Coach Lynda, and getting started.

in the meantime here are a few tips to help you beuild an awareness around your health

  1. Start to pay attention to your emotional patterns

  2. Start a food journal, write down what you consume in a day, everything!

  3. Start each day NEW, let go of yesterday, do better today

  4. Invest in your health, Get a Health Coach, a companion in your health journey, objective, professional - this will have huge positive impact.

  5. Baby steps...Build a trusting relationship with yourself!

  6. Celebrate every WIN no matter how small.

  7. Be your best Champion.

  8. Forgive yourself over and over again.

  9. Walk even 15 minutes everyday outdoors if possible

  10. SMILE with your heart.

Let's work together to achieve the Health You Are Worthy Of ...

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