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Start Your Day The Juice4Joy Way

This is such a fantastic program...

How you start your day is so key to "How the day Goes as well as Ends"!

At Juice4Joy we always encourage an empowering process to start your day.

It always starts with GRATITUDE

When we refer to Gratitude for EVERYTHING! We mean everything...

You see at Evolved Mind and Body Worx we believe EVERYTHING is happen FOR us not to us!

What does that mean in the great scheme of things? Well, from this perspective you are empowered instead of disempowered!

When you believe things are happening TO YOU, this is a victim mentality, why me?

Life Coach Lynda teaches her clients how they are they masters of their own destiny.

How they perceive the world will create their reality. What you focus on your get more of!

Give this PERSPECTIVE a go... while you go about your day, see EVERYTHING as happen FOR YOU! It is miraculous :)

If you would like to understand this from a deeper perspective, reach out and schedule an online session with Life Coach Lynda

Okay so find 3 things you are grateful for each morning, even if it is simply:

The sunrise

Your warm bed

Your furry freind.

Moving on... Always start your day with a glass of GOOD water, fresh squeezed lemon.

Then if you have Juice4Joy conveniently on hand in your fridge, have a Juice4Joy Juice - on an empty stomach 30 minutes after your water.

Always avoid mixing water with your food (Juice4Joy is incredible FOOD)

So we encourage drinking water 30 minutes before or after your Juice or Food

The above Juice4Joy program is really lovely, purchase it, and give yourself the gift of health!

All the Best Peeps

Oh and BY The Way, HAPPY LEAP YEAR - Day!

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