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How to Get the BEST Out of Your Cold Pressed Juice4Joy Experience

Unlock the FULL potential of your Cold Pressed Juice4Joy experience and elevate your wellness journey with these expert tips!

Tip #1 - Keep cold in stable fridge (do not freeze!)

Our Cold Pressed juices are high vegetable, and low low fruit, strategically complimented with herbs spices and superfoods to support optimal GUT & ORGAN Health. If Kept cold and stable they have a longer shelf life than usual, considering there are NO preservatives at all! Because they are RAW & ALIVE if frozen the bottle will expend and explode!

Tip #2 - Drink your Juice4Joy on an Empty Stomach

Cold Pressed Juice is RAW, and thus for best absorption and to get full potential of the product to support healing, it is best drunk on an empty stomach at least 1hour before a meal. We further encourage you to drink good water 30 minutes before your cold pressed Juice4Joy. This supports the hydration as well as the flushing of any toxins that the juices will dislodge through the healing process.

When you do a 3-5 day detox and cleanse with us, this is certainly encouraged, as the cleanse will dislodge and mobilise deep toxicity, and the elimination organs will benefit from the support.

"Health is an Acquired Taste" – Life Coach Lynda

Tip #3 - Why I created Juice4Joy

Juice4Joy was created as a deeper support for my already Private Healing Practice. In 2005 I qualified and started my journey within the wellness industry as a Sports Massage Therapist. I have to date enjoyed 22 years of hands on support for many of my clients, who I still see today! I found that although I was supporting physical recovery, and at times emotional and mental (as a Compassionate Life Coach)

there was still a serious level of health that was deeply compromised... after digging deep it became obvious...GUT HEALTH! This is key to your WHOLE BODY HEALTH!


Your GUT is what they call your 2nd brain...for me it is the FIRTS BRAIN, it is from this deep centre that your whole body is built or broken...If your GUT is not able to do its job, your body cannot and will not function optimally, and dis-ease will set in. Doing regular Detox & Cleansing with us here at Juice4Joy is a sure way to put your GUT back in the driving seat of your health.

Tip #5 - Your Liver

Most people are walking around with a liver that is struggling to do its job, here at Juice4Joy we LOVE OUR LIVER into vibrant health so it can do its job! The liver performs various essential functions in the body, including detoxification, protein synthesis, bile production, and metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. However due to the excessive toxicity of our environments the liver is compromised and dis-ease shows up in our bodies. We have 2 wonderful products we created for the liver (although ALL our products fundamentally support optimal organ health and healing. Liver Lover Juice4Joy, Liver Saver Soup4Soul

All Our Products are Specifically Formulated to "HELP YOUR HEALTH!" FROM THE INSIDE OUT!

EVOLVED MIND AND BODY WORX in conjunction with Juice4Joy, Soup4Soul, Life & Health Coach Lynda are here to "Help Your Health!"

We purposefully Keep Fruit to a Minimum, We Maximise the Benefits of Vegetables and are strategic with the herbs, spices and superfoods within out product, making sure they help the body to LIVE optimally, keeping you on track to a healthy fulfilled life!

One Body One Life Live It From The Inside Out!

Life Coach Lynda

Need any support deciding what your need, which way to turn (always inward I say) Reach out and let us Help You With Your Health!

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